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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Can't seem to upload any pictures on to blogger. It's driving me nuts since I truly hate to post without them. Thought I would try one last time, but no dice. So here's what's been going on.

Natalie started Kindergarten last Monday! (I have some dang cute pics too! stupid blogger) and she is loving it. The first day was really hard for me, I had a good cry, but by now we are in a great routine and everyone is happy. It's been very nice having Brady to myself all day, he really is my little buddy. And I know Nat is learning a lot and loving her school.

Keith got to go to a preseason game at the new Cowboys Stadium 2 Fridays ago. He had a blast, he went with his brother Jason, and the kids and I stayed home. They camped out on the floor while I started work on my second quilt. This one I made (it's done now, I also have pictures...GRRR!) for a friend, and I can't wait to give it to her. She had her baby already, so I am glad I finished fast. I am gonna get started on another one soon, lots of pregnant friends!

Brady and I had a very lovely picnic on the front lawn yesterday, the weather was out of this world fantastic and so we loaded up a little tray with all sorts of goodies and headed outside. We will have to do this more often. We both enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine. I got some very precious pictures, of course, but can't load them. Oh, and he has also taken to wearing his new rainboots everywhere, with everything, it's very endearing. I love that little monkey so much!

Last weekend Natalie and I had some crazy awesome luck with garage sales. I got a TON of treasures, and spent very little money. I think the best find was a few pieces of vintage bakeware for the kitchen, and a whole load of handkerchiefs. I am really getting into "garaging" as we call it, and I think it will become a weekend tradition.

Life is really settling down now that school has started, lots more is getting done, I have taken major steps away from the computer (and the facebook games) and I am really trying to spend some quality time with Brady.


Rachel said...

Sorry you can't download the pics. I hate when that happens. Cool on the "garaging". I remember waking up early and going w/ my mom and sometimes dad. Great memories and lots of fun finds. I'm sure the quilt is beautiful. You are so creative and busy!

Danielle said...

I saw your quilt on facebook--looks great. And Cole always likes to wear his rainboots--even in 90 degree, non-rainy weather, silly kids. I'm sure Natalie is blossoming in kindergarten.

Julie said...

I've never really gotten into "garaging". Maybe you can give me some tips. I know people find great stuff doing it.