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Monday, August 10, 2009

Two weeks.

This morning I woke up with guilt, not really a new sensation, but still unpleasant. I realized that this was Natalie's first "summer vacation" and I feel like we have let it slip by and not done enough. Even though I know we really did do quite a bit! We went to Oregon (which I still need to blog about), played with friends, went to the movie theater, attended story time at the library on a regular basis, swam (but not enough!), picked strawberries, relaxed, rode bikes, and many other small things to fill up our days. It's very tricky coming up with things to do that won't cause us to be outside melting. It's a lot easier to go to the park on a regular basis when it isn't 400 degrees outside! And after asking her just now she said she had a good summer, but maybe that's because she hasn't fully grasped that soon all but her weekends are going to be consumed with school and homework.

So, I have got 2 weeks left to cram in some fun activities, possibly a few things they have been begging for but we haven't gotten too, and really wear her out! Haha, and probably wear myself out in the process. Does anyone have any ideas to fill up the last few precious days of summer?


Lori said...

Sounds like she has already had a pretty full and fun summer! SHE thinks she has had a fun summer.
Maybe Mommy should cut herself some slack.
Besides when you are on a mission to cram a bunch of fun into a short period of time, it can turn into work.

Danielle said...

Something fun we have done is choose a service project for family home evening, and then spend the next week working on it. Look up the Dallas visitors center online and see what activities they suggest. Day trips are fun--just make sure you give yourself a day before and after for prep and recovery.

And don't worry about filling up everyday--I recently read in one of my Parenting magazine to make sure to not over schedule for young kids because it leads to meltdowns and tantrums. That was something I remembered while we were in Utah and we all had more fun when we had a schedule, but it was relaxed.

And remember--Kindergarten is fun. She's not at the age where school is real WORK, so to her, it's fun to get to dress up in new clothes and see friends everyday.

Anonymous said...

What Lori said. Hey, I have to agree with her once in awhile. Love. Dad